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Meet Our

Our therapists are trained in in-depth psychotherapy and enjoy exploring the deeper roots of presenting problems with a goal of practical application of insight gained. Pastoral Counseling uses spiritual resources and psychological understanding for healing and growth.


Pastoral Counselors are mental health professionals who also have in-depth religious and theological training, but we are open to working with clients of all faiths, those who have been hurt by their faith tradition, and those who identify with no faith.  Therapy is not always comfortable, but our goal is for each client to feel welcome and safe in our office and to create an environment that assists our clients to achieve growth and wholeness. 

Claire Harris Kramer, LMSW
Tobi Nolan, M.S.
Jon McKinnon, M.Div.
Burns Rogers, M.S.
Cara Lindell, LPC-MHSP
Chris O'Rear, LCPT
Alan Whitley, LMSW
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