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We offer counseling and psychotherapy services for individuals and couples.  Pastoral Counseling brings spiritual understanding and resources as well as psychological understanding for healing and growth. 


However, we do not force or require issues of faith as part of our conversations.  We are comfortable working with clients of all faiths, people who have been hurt by their faith group, and those who identify with no faith.  All are welcome here. 

Life coaching

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Whether you are struggling with difficulties in a relationship, setting boundaries, having work difficulties, feeling overwhelmed, depressed, or just feel like you have lost sight of yourself and your life could be more fulfilling, our therapists are here to help.

While we draw on several theories and traditions, we are trained in in-depth psychotherapy and enjoy exploring the deeper roots of presenting problems with a goal of practical solutions and insight.  We also work to bring understanding to communication and personal interactions to help make relationships more meaningful. 

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Whether you find your relationship in a time of crisis or if you just want to work on deepening your connection, we want to help.  We especially like working with couples in crisis and trying to help them find a way to re-connection. 

Couples Therapy

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People often say that marriage takes work. However, marriage does not have to feel like a job. Just having some understanding of and introduction to some solid relationship skills can help get a marriage started on a healthy path. We have experience working with couples and can help engaged or newly married couples to avoid some of the struggles that other couples have been through. 

Currently we use a combination of individual history interviews with the SYMBIS assessment to do pre-marital counseling. This is generally completed in 6-8 sessions and our pre-marital package includes the State of Tennessee's Certificate of Completion of Pre-marital Counseling. Any and all couples are welcome.

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Early in most relationships, differences are minimized, romance is high, and it seems like there is not much effort required to stay connected.  However, with each year that passes and each new phase of life, relationships face new challenges, frustrations, and disappointments.  However, relationships do not need to suffer from neglect, frustration, or emotional drift.

This package follows a  program  similar to the Pre-marital counseling package, but is designed for couples who have been together a few years.  With some individual history interviews and the materials of the SYMBIS+ assessment, our therapists can help identify some areas of neglect and help improve some relational and communication skills that assist couples keep their relationship vital and exciting. 

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