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  • Individual/Dual-Individual Supervision
    Chris O'Rear is an ACPE Psychotherapist and a former Diplomate in the American Association of Pastoral Counselors and, as such, is an approved supervisor for candidates for the Clinical Pastoral Therapist license in Tennessee and can currently provide up to 50% of supervision for LPC-MHSP Candidates. Chris has over 23 years of clinical experience and over 14 years of supervision experience. Supervision is available individually, but can also be done in pairs. The focus of Chris' supervision is always a balance between self-understanding & formation of the therapists and the clinical needs and questions in the clinical case material. Students are strongly encouraged to either have done significant therapy for themselves in the past or to be in therapy while receiving supervision with an understanding that self-knowledge for the therapist is a key component to being an effective helper for others.
  • Case Consultation
    Chris O'Rear offers an ongoing Clinical & Theological Reflection Case Consultation Group in which participants present their case material, but group members are taught and encouraged to go beyond clinical care plans and diagnostic labels and reflect on the deeper spiritual, existential, and religious themes in the client's story. New members are added to the group 2-3 times per year. Applications are accepted on a rolling basis for future openings. For more information on the the Case Consultation Group, Click HERE. In addition, our therapists have provided onsite clinical case consultation for non-profits, churches, Stephen Ministers, and others. Contact us about setting up times for your group or staff.
  • Training, Speaking, & Preaching
    Members of our team are often sought after as speakers, teachers, and preachers. Chris O'Rear has spoken at several regional and national professional meetings. He has been an adjunct faculty and guest lecturer at local universities in the area of addiction/addiction recovery, grief/loss, pastoral care, family systems, the family life-cycle, and ethics in pastoral care. He regularly presents with NAMI of Davidson County at local congregations in a presentation called "In the Spirit of Awareness" that is designed to help congregations have a better understanding of mental illness. Our therapists have done continuing education presentations for Stephen Ministers, Deacons, and other lay leaders in the church. We can provide your group, congregation, or business with training on a variety of topics related to communication, family dynamics, marriage/relationships, God image and mental health, pastoral care, or lay counseling. Several of our therapists are seasoned preachers and are available for pulpit supply and preaching. Chris O'Rear is popular guest preacher and has been invited to preach at dozens of congregations in the state and region. He is known for bringing a pastoral care lens to biblical texts and integrating issues of personal connection and growth into the message. Chris uses a mix of thoughtfulness and humor in his sermons that often include sharing from his own story of growth, loss, and faith. For samples of his sermons, visit his Soundcloud channel or his blog.
  • Spiritually Integrated Psychotherapy Training
    Chris O'Rear is approved by ACPE to provide training in Spiritually Integrated Psychotherapy. For more information about this professional continuing education and certification program, Click HERE.
  • SIP Case Consultation
    Those who have completed the Spiritually Integrated Psychotherapy Training program are eligible to particpate in ongoing case consulation groups that can lead to certification as an ACPE Spiritually Integrated Psychotherapist. More information on Case Consulation Groups will be available by the end of 2021.

Fees, Payments & Insurance

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