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Video Session Policy

We continue to recommend video/phone sessions for anyone who is in an at-risk category, anyone who has knowingly been exposed to COVID-19, anyone who is ill with any symptoms (not just COVID-19 symptoms), or anyone who does not feel comfortable getting out of their home yet.  We recognize that meeting by video (or phone) is not the same as meeting in person, but we are doing what we can to remain connected and to provide care during these unprecedented circumstances. 


If you are meeting by telehealth services and have not yet received our disclosure regarding doing online sessions, you will receive this through the client portal. For individual sessions, we will be using either Simple Practice or to conduct these sessions. For those who are not able to meet in person, we will waive our usual requirement that the initial appointment be in person and will seek alternative ways to manage the required verification process. 


For video sessions, you will be emailed a link to click that will automatically open the video session. Be sure that you are in a private area for video sessions and away from as many distractions as possible. We will always seek to protect your privacy on our end by being in an isolated area away from any other people. Standard fees do apply for video and phone sessions and CIGNA insurance does cover such sessions the same as sessions done in person. Payment may be made by providing a credit card to be kept on file for your sessions or given manually at each session. Checks can be mailed to the office address, but you will need to provide the check number and amount at the time of the session. We will not be able to accept cash payments for video sessions. 

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