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Keller Hawkins

I am a counseling intern, currently completing my MA in Mental Health Counseling from Belmont University with the goal of one day becoming dual-licensed as a Marriage & Family Therapist and a Clinical Pastoral Therapist. I come to the counseling world with a spiritually-integrated lens, drawing on my theological training and experience as a pastor, chaplain, and facilitator, to meet clients where they are, just as they are. I seek to offer a place of honesty, clarity, grounding, comfort, and empowerment for my clients.


I have a particular focus on the intricacies and complexities of bodies, sexualities, pleasure, relationships, and all that come with them. Church is a home for me that I love enough to critique, and the harm it has caused for many people is very real. I hope to offer a space to heal for those experiencing spiritual and psychological trauma at the hands of their religious communities. In Irish, the word for “trust” translates roughly to this: “you are the place when I stand when my feet are sore.” This is what I seek to offer for my clients.


Master of Divinity (MDiv), Vanderbilt University
BA in Religion, Whitman College


Training & Certifications

MA candidate in Marriage and Family Therapy &

Clinical Pastoral Therapy, Belmont University

(Under Clinical Supervision) 

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